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carlaBorn in the Dark Ages, when all reading material had to be chiseled into rock slabs, I am happy that I can now use a laptop for my writing (beats all those smashed thumbs!) Though primarily a paranormal romance writer, I am venturing out into other genres. My 'Corsets & Carriages' trilogy - love that name! - is set to release January, 2018, and was so much fun to write I’m definitely going to write more of these romances. I also have ideas for a fantasy involving a dragon, and a time-travel romance back to 9th century England, when the Danes ruled the northern part of the country.
I love reading, and enjoy a varied range of authors in a wide variety of genres. When not writing, I’m just like everyone else. Trolling the internet looking for recipes (love rhubarb) checking out cute animal videos (who knew baby owls were so adorable?) and trying to get through my never shrinking stack of to-be-read books!

I live in South Carolina with my wonderful family who have learned deadlines usually mean pizza for dinner, and I will be forever grateful to all the readers who have enjoyed my books, and who continue to allow me to enjoy this crazy, wonderful ride!

I would love to hear from you (about anything!) so feel free to drop me a line through my website: www.carlasmithauthor.com

None of this would be possible without you. Thank you.  

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