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Rowan Harper’s world has been wrenched apart. The man she thought she loved—the man she does love—is a vampire, and not the kind that glitters. Running away isn’t an option. Gabriel isn’t just her lover. She’s bound to him in ways she can’t comprehend, ways that put both of them in desperate danger even as Rowan’s desire for him blazes anew.

The rules of her life before are gone. But she has a power of her own, a power she is remembering in fits and starts even as time races against her. With her life and Gabriel’s very soul on the line, Rowan has to choose who to believe—and who to trust…

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Taking my chin in his hand, he raised my head. The feel of his fingers stroking my jaw was electric, and, thirsting for his touch, I leaned into his palm. I’m ashamed to say it took a moment before my eyes met his, because I was too busy reacquainting myself with his torso. But when I did look up, it was a glorious moment.

Framed by thick dark lashes, his eyes had changed. The familiar hypnotic blue was now shot through with a gold iridescence, and they stared back with an intensity that scared me. Gabriel was the absolute carnal experience, a thousand and one encounters that I could not name, but wanted to experience in the worst possible way. Whether he was vampire or human, I couldn’t shut off my feelings for him. I wasn’t a faucet, for God’s sake!

“A bond already exists between us,” Gabriel said, his voice raw with emotion. “It was created a long time ago, and is one that cannot be broken by either human or vampire law. I gave myself to you then, completely and without hesitation, and I do so again.”

As he stroked my cheek, I felt a faint tremble in his fingers. Words filled my head, words he had spoken to me the last time I’d been in his arms.
I am a Vampire’s Promise, given by word, accepted by deed, and bound by ritual to keep safe that which has been surrendered.

“Yes,” he murmured, “indeed you are.”

“But I don’t understand what it means.”

“And I cannot tell you.” A flash of pain flared in his eyes. “The memory must return of its own accord or it will carry no weight.”

I punched the pillow in frustration. “Shit! Why can’t I remember any of it?”
“You will,” Gabriel promised. “Now that you truly know who I am, it will come back to you.” I searched his face, wishing I could be as certain. “Perhaps,” he said with a smile, “you just need the right incentive.”
Leaning down, he kissed me.

His tongue was a magnificent distraction inside my mouth. Teasing and tasting, it filled me with a sensual longing as he took all I had to give. Slowly pulling back, I felt Gabriel draw my lower lip into his mouth scraping the swollen inner skin with his teeth. It wasn’t until I felt a sharp prick that I realized he’d dropped his fangs. Blood welled up, and I gasped as Gabriel’s tongue swept over the puncture as he lapped up my blood. He made a noise deep in the back of his throat, a sound that was definitely more purr than growl, and it sent a wave of unimaginable pleasure rippling through me.

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